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baby shower bingo cardsThese are baby shower bingo cards. They include words like "baby talk" and "baby powder". Playing bingo in a baby shower has become popular in recent years. What is better than celebrating the impending or the recent birth of the new family member with a fun play of bingo among friends and family? it is a great baby theme activity and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Choose the colors of the baby shower bingo card, add and remove words from the bingo word list as you see fit and generate the bingo card by clicking the blue "Generate Bingo Cards" button. 

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Download the Baby Shower word list text file

Words for Baby Shower Bingo Cards

adorablebaby powderbaby talkbibsblanket
bonnetbootiesbottlecar seatcooing
cribcutedaddydiaper bagdiapers
familygiggleshigh chairlovemilk
mommynap timepacifierrattlestroller
teething ring


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